Sunday, January 29, 2012

That was the week that was

Needless, to say, it is January and that means winter.  We have, however, had about one tenth the snow as at this time last year.  Still we do feel the cold.  Attending an early morning meeting of the board of the Private Art Dealers Association I decided to walk the ¾ of a mile.  Arriving in what felt like a frozen state, I asked,  “why are the Old Master events usually at the times of year when it is cold and or inclement out and the modern and contemporary ones when it is mild?” A colleague replied, “Because they have more money than we do.”  A most interesting response, and not altogether incorrect.

Still the show must go on and even the first day of our Master Drawings New York exhibition while the snow and sleet came down we had a foreign curator visiting first thing, and the Ceramics fair and Sotheby’s that we visited that morning were jammed. At the end of the day we went to The Winter Antiques show which included dealers in many fields including American art of all periods, folk art, jewelry, Art Nouveau, English furniture, books, autographs etc.  The following evening we went to a reception at Christies and viewed their offerings and from there to the anniversary party of friends from Santa Fe.

 Every evening of the week there were opening receptions at galleries, not just of the dealers participating in the drawings extravaganza.  One night we went from the opening of a paintings dealer to the opening of a works of art dealer where we saw incredible early Northern European Sculpture in stone, ivory and wood, Wow! what masterpieces!  From there to another old master gallery and, to top off the evening, an exciting party given by a prominent old master dealer at his home where he has the most phenomenal private collection of paintings spanning the centuries, giving nourishment to the soul and eye. As in years past he and his wife invited the entire established, non-contemporary art world for a Chinese buffet.  There we could mingle with old friends from so many different corners of the art world, dealers, collectors and museums’ curators and directors, not just from across the U.S. but many from Europe as well, and also art critics and university professors

The following evening we went to a wine, pizza and magic evening at another wonderful old master dealer.  As the invitation said, “Prepare to be delighted dazzled by praise-worthy magician Mark Mitton.  

Sure enough he was amazing, making the cards move from the deck without touching it and making the guests jewelry disappear; yes he did find the pieces again… in another guests pocket!  A former U.S. Ambassador and Secretary of the Navy was so taken that he whipped out his sketchpad.

We had clients every day a few bought and others made notes or asked for jpegs and data sheets.  So on every level the week was exciting, gratifying and exhausting!


  1. Sounds marvellous to be around so much wonderful art! Even winter sounds good, as it is in low 50s in Santa Fe lately.

  2. Yes, lots of art and sometimes it's nice to get a break. The weather has been relatively warm here too. It is Europe where it is freezing! We will be back in Santa Fe this weekend hope to see you.