Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our Updated Look

It’s the time of New Year’s Resolutions and starting afresh and as you know we started that about 6 months ago when we moved into our new digs on 69th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues.

Stiebel Gallery on 69th street
As part of this transition we changed much of our image as far as logo and our outside face is concerned.  So naturally our website had to change as well.  It now has a cleaner more contemporary look indicating that the old can adapt to the new, and more important that they can live well together. 

On the new is designed by our Gallery Director, Vince Hickman.  On the Home Page you will see a few images of our new premises.  You will also find the categories for our inventory as well as “Missives from the Art World” (Blog) button.  When you choose an inventory category and click on an image it will be formatted perfectly for printing and if you click on “More Information” you will have a data sheet formatted for printing on our stationery so that you will have our contact information easily accessible.  The images themselves, of course, can be enlarged as before with a simple click.  We have also managed to make all the material clearly available on all computers, tablets and smart phones.

Over 20 years ago we celebrated Rosenberg & Stiebel’s (predecessor to Stiebel, Ltd.) 50 years in the United States and in commemoration of that event we did and exhibition and made a film (Affairs of Art) tracing the history of the family firm from it’s founding around 1870.  I watched it a short while ago and realized that it is still pertinent today.  Now, we have made the entire film available on our website.  It is posted on YouTube as well as on our Home Page so you can watch Parts One and Two at your leisure.   If you like instant gratification here they are as well.

The entire film is only 24 minutes and includes curators, directors and collectors.  Unfortunately, a number of them are no longer with us, but the attitudes toward collecting and the relationships formed in the art world have not.   The film is also available on disc if you contact us. 

A couple of years ago Vince said to me, “People love your stories, you should tell them.”  Thus started “Missives from the Art World”.  They have continued because I hear encouraging words from many of you and I have learned what you like.  Since images seem to be much appreciated we have put more in recently, though I do not feel that they are an absolute necessity unless they enhance the story.  The images in the blog are quite small but with a simple click they too can also be enlarged. It is possible to scroll through past Missives or do a search in the upper left hand corner where you see the magnifying glass.  On the right side of the screen you will see a list of dates when the blog was published in case you can remember that and not the title.

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