Sunday, January 3, 2010

Less than 3 weeks to go!

-->On Friday, January 22 there will be 24 parties to go to in New York all between East 66th Street and 93rd Street.
They are all for the preview evening of Master Drawings New York. This wonderful alternative art fair was started several years ago in London and more recently brought to this side of the pond.

It will continue daily (including Sunday) from Saturday January 23 through Saturday January 30*.

This is a great opportunity to see draughtsmanship through 500 years. Just looking through the brochure I found drawings from England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Mexico. There will be works to fit all budgets. If you made the tour of Master Drawings New York last year and saw a work that you were interested in but 2009 was not the year to make acquisitions, who knows, it might be still available and you can swing it for 2010.

As I am wont to do, a digression! A question that is so often asked of an art dealer is “how long have you had it?”. The question alone shows insecurity. Are you only interested in a work of art because someone else is? In that case the work of art you want is already sold!

One of the greatest collectors I have ever known said regarding works of art that he likes at dealers, “I go back and go back and it’s a great let down when you go back and it has been sold… It is totally unfair”!

As you read here a short while ago, the Metropolitan Museum bought a painting that they had rejected over 40 years ago. Recently I sold a large Austrian Gothic Revival Prayer Stool to the Met that they had said they wanted to buy from me 20 years ago but they could not find a place for it at the time. If the curators of the Met can rediscover works of art so can you.

One final example some years ago I had a painting which a curator at the Louvre said I should offer to another French museum. I asked why I should bother since the picture had been reviewed by the curators when it had been exported from France a few years before. His reply, “things change” and, sure enough, the museum he had in mind bought it.

Do put these dates, January 23-30 in your calendar and take in as many of the 24 participating galleries as you wish. Even if you do not plan to buy, come to learn and enjoy… No Pressure!

Should you wish a brochure with more details of who is exhibiting and where, just send us an email with your address and we will send it right out.

Preview party
4-9 pm

Mon -Fri
11am - 6pm

11am – 5pm


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