Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Almost Here !

Some weeks I have to wrack my brain to come up with what to write about but this week, as they say, is a “no brainer”. Master Drawings New York is upon us!

I encourage you to visit all the galleries participating in Master Drawings New York, but obviously we would love to see you at 252 East 68th Street.

But why should you bother? If for no other reason than to see an unusually large depiction of an equally unusual subject by Charles Parrocel (1688-1752).

The artist used a double sheet, measuring 21 3/8 x 34 7/8 (54,4 x 88,6 cm) to depict a marriage ceremony taking place at a military encampment.

I am often asked by colleagues, “what are you looking for?” Well, I would never have answered an image of a wedding, and if I had, I would certainly not have thought of one at a military encampment. What an unlikely subject!

Now, I must admit that Parrocel’s fame has always rested on his battle scenes. Personally I like the out of the ordinary. That is why I was drawn to his depiction of a different and unexpected aspect of military life.

Perhaps French 18th century is not your thing. Being of German background I have an affinity for German art… So you will see the German investigation of landscape in the early 19th century study of the reflection of the rocky bank of a river by Franz Kobell, and the majestic, solitary tree of Max Seliger (1886). The graphic mastery of Henri Kiehl Lehman is demonstrated in a two-sided sheet of figure studies (1853) while Hermann Eichler evokes the romanticized persona of an artist, in his free watercolor depiction of a sculptor (1863).

There is lots more as well. More next week. Meanwhile remember to visit us and others, to educate your eye. Collecting is a never ending joy and educational experience. In a work of art you should see something new every time you look at it.

Master Drawings New York January 23-30

Preview party Friday January 22nd 4-9 pm
Saturdays 11am – 5pm
Sunday 3-7pm
Mon -Fri 11am - 6pm

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