Sunday, March 24, 2024

TikTok, Tick Tock, Tick Tock

So goes the time that Congress spends on social media instead of the business and welfare of the People.

TikTok is focused on cell phone use but it is possible to use it on a computer as well. My older son put TikTok on my phone over a year ago because he knew my sense of humor and believed there would be a lot for me to enjoy. Frankly, I have hardly looked at it until now. When I do use social media, which is not that much, it is FaceBook and Instagram where my colleagues, friends, and family post. There I find still images with many works of art but rarely videos unless they are of family. To my surprise, the Metropolitan Museum was one of the first museums to make use of TikTok. All TikToks are short but here is a very short clip where I learned something about the Met that I did not know ...

During the COVID-19 lockdown, artists and museums alike wanted/needed to find ways to show their art and exhibitions. The videos on the TikTok platform are a better way than still images to bring their message home. A TikTok about the Victoria & Albert Museum gives some more information.

When I thought of this Missive, I put art dealer into TikTok and there were videos with guidance on how to become an art dealer! Put those words onto Facebook and you will see images but no videos on the subject. TikTok specializes in video, while Instagram and FaceBook can keep you in touch with specific individuals. TikTok seems to offer a far better opportunity of being found for what you do. Sotheby’s is ahead of the established art dealers.

Are there dangers in social media? Of course, there are, but there are existential threats from every advance of mankind, starting with fire. In more recent times, what about the automobile? Hundreds of thousands of various kinds of automobile accidents, and tens of thousands die. What do we do about it? We regulate the speed we are allowed to go. Headlights, taillights, and turn signals are in cars, plus a host of newer safety items such as seat belts. Still, police are charged with making sure we don’t do dangerous things with our cars.

Would eliminating TikTok simply be censorship? The Congressional hearings have raised the security danger of Chinese ownership of TikTok and the possibility of the Chinese government accessing our personal and professional information. I am quite sure, however, that the Chinese can gather all the information about us they want in many existing ways, as we do from them. What were those balloons traveling across the States a short while back?

On March 17 of this year columnist Jennifer Rubin published an opinion piece in the Washington Post where she wrote that to address the issue of privacy, one that applies to all social media sites, Congress needs to regulate what private data these platforms are allowed to keep and what they do with it and who they sell it to.

Before I heard about the proposed legislation, I read an article that appeared in the Global Edge Blog on November 1, 2023, by Yagumo Morikawa called “How TikTok is changing the Music Industry” and the advantages it has for artists, particularly all the younger ones starting out. I am sure any platform that has almost two billion users, including, according to the web, close to half the population of the U.S., would offer a better chance of being “discovered”. According to that article, it is the place to introduce “new and trending music”. TikTok’s algorithms identify users who would be interested. I was surprised, but should not have been, that record labels are now paying attention to what is going on there. I picked one TikTok at random because I like guitar music, a bit longer than the others ... 0965467201

As I started writing this on March 18, an article from Artnet, “Artists on TikTok are Worried a Ban could set back their Careers”. Some of these artists have managed to gather hundreds of thousands of followers and in rare cases over a million. That is a lot of potential clients to lose. How about we shut down all the advertising from … fill in a company name.

Maybe these Missives should go on TikTok as well? Do you think the Chinese would be interested? Security? My cardinal rule in that regard is to never put anything on the net that you don’t want others to see… but… Amazon already has my name address and credit card number!

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