Sunday, August 16, 2020

Making Fun of the Commander In Chief

I have very little respect for the current occupier of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I know that I am not the only one who feels that way.  if you feel differently, I would recommend you stop reading here and now.  Note Nancy Pelosi ...

Looking through various images of this gentleman whose name shall go unmentioned I had the following thoughts.

This is one of my favorite images to put everyone in the mood.  Translating the German, Angela Merkel saying, “Have you cleaned up your room?  Look at me when I am talking to you.” I heard these statements more than once from my mother!

Having read the book by John Bolton, The Room Where It Happened, the author was continuously frustrated with Trump’s changing his mind at the last minute or, even afterward coming up with a tweet that totally defeated whatever they were trying to accomplish.

Oh My God what is he saying now?

This image with Vice-President Pence says it all ...

Will  I have to do this for another 4 years?

Is there any doubt about this relationship?  When Trump is with Putin, is he asking, “Do you really think we can get away with this?

Brazil is one of the few countries that is doing as badly as the U.S. in the Covid-19 area so should the two leaders shake hands?  One seems to be reluctant.

British politician, Neal Farage, does not look happy about dealing with the Donald.

Even Attorney General Bill Barr is not safe from a scolding.

The president often finds himself wondering what he is talking about.

Finally. our President as he sees himself in the mirror.  His butler has said he likes mirrors everywhere.

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