Sunday, May 24, 2020

The Art of Coronavirus Notices

An old friend on FaceBook posted a note saying someone should look at the homemade signs regarding the Corona Virus, Covid-19.  I went a bit further and looked at all kinds of notices.  At this point I think one could do a whole book on the subject, but I will try to discipline myself and pick just a few.

The first one that I noticed was in mid-March on the marquis of the Lensic, Santa Fe’s Performing Arts Center.  I laughed but this was just the beginning of the pandemic when the theater had to close since the President put the Governors in charge … thank goodness.

All over the world people are hoarding products, including the masks that are so badly needed in every country. Have you been searching for toilet paper or any paper products for that matter? Churches have been offering messages of advice and admonition.  One church put a biblical twist on their plea.

Another church had a few good words to give on the same theme and then there is just the miscellaneous sign.

There are lots of homemade signs as well on different aspects of the virus ...  and too many are not wearing masks to show how tough (and stupid) they are.  One New York City block put up their own sign on a phone booth.   Another homemade sign on a telephone pole offers a free cure for the virus.

Why this scourge on the world has become political I will never understand, but it has.  Since I recently wrote on that subject I thought I would just post one sign that is political and another that is a bit different.


A restaurant in Austin, Texas posts different comments regularly, but I just picked one of them to share with you on how nuts everyone is going with the isolation and continuously changing rules.  Then there is this church with a twist on it.

Finally, a couple of personal statements posted online.  Well, this woman is in possession of a precious commodity and she looks like she was determined to succeed.

And a wife who seems to have decided having her spouse at home 24/7 was just was just too much and hung this banner on her  balcony.

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